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Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly & The Crickets

A little break from exposing Christianity!  Enjoy!

Christian Bible Scholar Personal De-conversion

Creationist Arguments – Sing Along

To Be Saved, Jesus Must Enter You First

Wow, I don’t feel like bending over for Jesus to enter me.  I read a story about the Secret Gospel of Mark stating Jesus spent the night with a young boy home left without his clothes on after spending the night with Jesus.  I guess Jesus entered him and he was saved.  Sounds like a cult to me.

Sorry Jesus, I’m straight and have no plans for anyone entering me.

The Christian Church Will Do This If You Let Them:

Body Of Christ – With Or Without Nuts

This gets better as it gets near the end.

Size Of The Universe

Aren’t facts cool?  No need to make-up an invisible buddy and claim he did it all.  We are men and according to the Christian God, we too are Gods.  Apparently, with science, we are.

Did Jesus Die For Nothing? In My Case, He Did!


Scientific Evidence The Great Flood & Noah’s Ark Is Factual

Not sure how a perfect God could get it all wrong such that he had to drown the entire world, to include little babies, infants and the abortion of a child in the womb of the mother.  Drowning, what a torturous, slow way to die for a baby that has done nothing wrong.  Oh well, we will pretend God is moral and ignore that he aborted babies and drowned them.  O.K. Christians, you are good at pretending so I think this will not be a problem for you.  Pretend it was a flood of love.

Gay vs Straight – Christians, Get A Grip And Stop Judging Others

I Want Your Souls!

I’ve posted this one a few times.  For some reason I get a real kick out of this one.  Especially when John Baptist speaks with “Satan”.

The Religious Rights Hate Prayer

Pastor Wiley Drake doesn’t seem to read the bible.  HIS God put Obama in office.  Therefore, Pastor Wiley Drake doesn’t agree with God’s choice to put Obama into office and as a Christian that follows God’s book/word, he is required to obey Obama and trust the Lord will handle all things.  Remember Pastor Wiley Drake, all thing are of God.  Did you not study the bible …Wiley?  Fucking idiot.  Why not come here and debate your ignorance using Scripture.  I will be happy to whip your ass Scripturally and demonstrate how you lie about God’s word just so you can hate others.

For The Religious People: You’re Wrong

For Kids: Guide To Critical Thinking For Truth Seekers

The White Prince – Hell Yes!

Some of us white folks got a bit of grove going on

Fuck God, The Super Bowl Is On

Lets put God stuff off this Sunday and put men first, again.  Sabbath?  Fuck that, we gotta play football.  Funny, Christians put on their God hats only when they decide they want and practice only those parts the want.  Fuck the word of God, being a hypocrite is what it is all about.

All those that claim to be a Christian, are hypocrites and yet the majority of them will make an excuse and claim they are not.  Yes, with the help of others like Dave and Humanpersonjr, on this blog we prove them wrong, every time.

Of course we get a lot of help from many others.

So Christians, don’t forget to pray for your God to let your team of choice win.


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