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Prayer Works Wonders, I Guess?



Ever notice Christians run to the doctor when something is wrong and they need to be healed?  If prayer works why do they need doctors?  By going to a doctor are they not telling God that they don’t have faith that he will heal them?  I think ALL Christians should prove their faith in God by not using doctors and give that health care service to those that need it.

Atheists Save The Day


on December 26, 2013


“Hand over the kid, or NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!”

What an odd flare-up! In Chickasha, Oklahoma, Tiffany Waitand her husband brought their 7-month-old baby to the Bible Baptist Church’s toy shop for Christmas presents that the church gives away for families in need. But things got weird and nasty.

According to the Chickasha News, the church volunteers insisted that Wait hand her baby over, but I can’t make out why. To receive the gift? To be blessed or something? Just to cuddle? I don’t know.

Wait said her baby doesn’t like strangers and she’d prefer to be with him. She said the volunteer said it has to be done this way, or the family wouldn’t be able to participate.

“I stood there, fighting back tears and asked, ‘You would turn a baby away on Christmas,’” said Wait.

The volunteers held their ground, according to Wait andone woman tried to forcibly take her child.

Crazy, right?? As a parent of wee ones, I’m quaking just thinking about this.

But it doesn’t end simply with the family leaving, which of course they did. Enter the Oklahoma Atheists, who, hearing about this ordeal, rounded up donations of all kinds, which bowled Wait over:

“The Christians turned my baby and I away, and a group of atheists showed us compassion, kindness, and charity,” she said. “They brought us toys, dinner, gift cards, donated money and really saved our holiday.”

Church officials have since tried to make amends with the Wait family, but so far it looks like no one’s made up. I went over to the church’s Facebook page, and the first post you see is from the children’s minister, Paul Countess, who writes:

As a staff member at Bible Baptist Church, I think everyone needs to know that we are certainly not a perfect church. That includes me. We certainly try to love the best we know how, but we, each fall short of that goal…daily.

Sometimes love is not perceived as being “loving” even in the best of circumstances. Whether it is a “Christian” organization or an “Atheist” organization, love is something we all fall short in at various levels as a human race.

Sometimes, mercy and grace is needed as the solution to make amends for a wrong. That goes for the offender as well as the offended. Without it, love will be hidden in the clasp of darkness and will never see the light of day. That will not only hurt us, but our children, who we are trying to leave a great legacy for.

And a little browsing shows you that the community is not happy about this incident. One fellow posts:

“Rules are rules!” said Jesus, never.

And there are many posts that echo this sentiment:

The people of this church should be ashamed of the way they have treated strangers at Christmas under the guise of charity. Those who are unable to give their children a simple toy humbly come before you for a tiny bit of assistance and in turn, they are shunned and humiliated. It’s one thing to proclaim you’re “good Christian people,” but it takes someone special to have compassion and a good heart. Luckily, the person you humiliated has been warmly cared for by truly good people and not just hypocrites.


Christian Lies Exposed – Part 1

Watch as I destroy Christian claims using God’s word to expose a number of lies they use to trick others into believing.  As one reads through the list of scriptures provided it will be revealed as to why God clearly states that ALL MEN WILL BE SAVED!!!!  That is right….clearly stated in scriptures.

(disclaimer: I don’t actually believe in God but only take the scriptural approach to demonstrate how little Christians know about their God)

Lets start with proving that man/all of us, have no free will.  If we have no free will then clearly we can not be held accountable for our actions or what we do or do not believe.

Don’t take my word for it. Just check the word of God.

“For it is GOD which works in you both to WILL and to DO of His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13).

Profound and clear scripture, isn’t it?  Has God not made it clear that it is HIM that controls everything you do.  It is not our free will that determines what we do or how we believe.

Maybe that isn’t clear enough and you need additional witnesses from the word of God himself?

“For OF Him, and THROUGH Him, and TO Him, ARE ALL THINGS: to Whom be glory for ever. Amen” (Rom. 11:34)

It didn’t say “for of him, and through him and to him are 5 percent of all things”. It clearly stated ALL THINGS. Tell me, what isn’t included in ALL Things?

Need another witness from God himself? O.K.:
“I am the vine, you are the branches … for without me you can do NOTHING” (John 15:5).

Before some Christians goes ape shit and try to tell me this is out of context and doesn’t apply to all men, let me help you understand it. This is stated more than once in the Bible and Jesus Christ Himself stated that he could do NOTHING but for the Father. Do you Christians think you have a power to do something that Jesus had no power to do? It is the Christian way to ignore the word of God and to just apply that which they feel acceptable or have been taught is acceptable.

Need another witness? O.K., scripture is full of it and yet Christians will deny that they don’t have free will.

This one is one of the most profound scriptures on the topic of free will. Get ready, here it comes.

“In Whom (whom? that would be god) also we have obtained (‘obtained’, not earned, or taken, or developed) an inheritance, being PREDESTINATED (‘destiny’ was ‘pre-arranged’ by God, not you or me or anyone else) according to the PURPOSE OF HIM (not your free will) Who WORKS ALL THINGS ( that would be everything) AFTER THE COUNSEL OF HIS OWN WILL (not your free will)” (Eph. 1:11).

Most Christians don’t bother to support their claim that they have free will and they will just deny the very scripture of their God.  Isn’t it amazing, the hypocrisy we see in religion.

Another Witness?

“God is operating ALL in ALL” (I Cor. 12:6)

To operates means – “to control the function” (all IN all)

Christians seem to think God operates 5 percent of all in 5 percent of all.

Another Witness?

 “Yet ALL is of God” (II Cor. 5:18)

Christians seem to think yet only 5 percent is of God.

I nor you nor anyone, according to scripture, can “choose Christ” because it is not up to you and your free will.

Scriptural Witness?

“You have NOT CHOSEN ME, but I have CHOSEN YOU…” (John 15:16).

Lets try to provide a stronger witness from scripture because Christian will attempt to say the above is “out of context”.

 “NO MAN CAN COME TO ME except the Father which has sent me DRAW HIM (greek would be “drag him”) and I WILL raise him up at the last day” (John 6:44).

I can’t come to God unless he drags me to him and even if he has to drag me, he will raise me (save me) at the last day.  Just as he will save everyone, EVERYONE!

Try looking at verse 65 of John 6 and see this…humm…seems God repeats himself many times in scripture, in an attempt to make it CLEAR to even the most ignorant.

“And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.”

Again, scripture makes it clear that I, nor you, nor anyone can come unto God unless God causes it to happen.  Not free will.

 “There is NONE that seeks after God” (Rom. 3:11b).

Starting to get the picture?  Most Christians would likely have just stopped reading by this point because they just can’t imagine they’ve been wrong and ignorant of scripture.  It is safer to just believe the way they do.

There is nothing that you don’t get from God, and that includes your faith.  You didn’t decide to have faith because you are so special and see something that others can’t see.  You are caused to have faith by God.

 “…and what have you that you did not RECEIVE….?” (I Cor. 4:7).

   “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that (that faith) NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the gift of God: NOT of works, lest any man should boast. For WE are HIS WORKMANSHIP (Gk: ACHIEVEMENT), CREATED IN Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has BEFORE ORDAINED that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:8-9).

So you see it is perfectly clear that you don’t have free will to do as you wish and that God decided it long ago. Will Christians believe the word of their God?  No, they will claim they have free will to do all those things I’ve shown their God says they can not do.

“Declaring the END from the BEGINNING, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, MY COUNSEL SHALL STAND, and I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE … I have spoken it, I WILL ALSO BRING IT TO PASS; I HAVE PURPOSED IT, I WILL ALSO DO IT” (Isa. 46:10-11).

Yeah, Christians will deny all the above they will take even more exception to what I am about to expose next.  That ALL MEN WILL BE SAVED!!!  So STATES SCRIPTURE!!

Because God controls ALL THINGS in ALL it is clear that he could not be righteous and just if he condemned any of us to hell fire torture for eternity.  Guess what?  The Bible doesn’t say anything about us being literally tortured in hell fire for eternity.  In FACT, it clearly states that ALL MEN WILL BE SAVED!!!!

“For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (I Tim.2:4).

It doesn’t say “who will have 5 percent to be saved”, no it doesn’t.  Some Christians will claim that the word “will” is not translated properly and should instead be the word “desires”.  To be honest, that is another translation but not the only one and as you can see the word “will” was used in the translations of all Bibles I’ve checked.

But lets pretend it is the word desires.  Do you think the almighty, all powerful God will not have what he desires?  Apparently Christians do.  Did God not say he WILL have his desires, pleasures and will be done?  Yes, he did.

Notice what else the scripture says.  not only be saved but to “come unto the knowledge of the truth”.   Don’t you know what that means?  It basically reaffirms that all men will be saved because when all men come to the knowledge of the truth they therefore come to know and accept the truth…i.e..that Jesus is lord and savior.

Another Witness from scripture showing us that ALL men will be saved?  O.k., no problem:

“For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, Who is the Saviour of ALL MEN, especially of those who believe” (I Tim. 4:10).

NOTICE it states ALL men and goes out of the way to say “especially” but not exclusively those whom believe!!!!!!

Somehow Christians think that Jesus/God can not have their will and if they are not willing that something happens that it will somehow happen.  Some greater power will trumpet the will of God.  Why do I say this?  Because Christian will deny to their last breath that all men will be saved.  Even if Jesus clearly stated he is NOT WILLING that that can happen for ANY of us.

Proof?  Scriptural Witness?

     “The Lord is not slack concerning HIS PROMISE, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, NOT WILLING that any should perish (eternally…look it up), but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter. 3:9).

Amazing, still seems like ALL men will be SAVED!!!!!!!!

Another witness?

 “And I, if I be lifted up (on the cross) from the earth, will draw ALL MEN UNTO ME” (John 12:32).


 “For God sent NOT his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that THE WORLD through Him might be SAVED” (John 3:17)!

Another Witness?

  “…for we have heard Him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of THE WORLD” (John 4:42)!

Christians seem to think Jesus will FAIL to draw all men onto him.  Jesus seems to be rather confident.  Why do Christians judge Jesus so?  False judgement against the lord?  It seems so.

  “And He (that’s Jesus) is the propitiation for our sins and NOT FOR OURS ONLY, but also for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD” (I John 2:2)

Another Witness?

“The next day John sees Jesus coming unto him, and says, Behold the Lamb of God, which TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD” (John 1:29).

Apparently John was wrong and Jesus didn’t take away the sins of the world and thus everyone will be tortured for eternity with fire?  Is Jesus going to fail to do what he was sent to do?  Save the world?  Christians think so.

Another Witness?  O.k:

“To wit that God was in Christ, reconciling THE WORLD unto Himself, NOT imputing  THEIR TRESPASSES (SINS) AGAINST THEM” (II Cor. 5:19).  

The world?  Yeah, that is what I read.  Did God fail?  Will his son fail to do what the father sent him to accomplish?  He sent Jesus to save the world, the whole world and Christians think he will fail to do what he was commissioned to do.  Unf…ing believable.

Christians don’t like what I am posting but it isn’t my word, it is the word of their God.  And their God seems to think that if he says it, if he proclaims it or suggests it that it will happen.

“So shall MY WORD BE that GOES FORTH OUT OF MY MOUTH; it shall NOT return unto me void, but it SHALL ACCOMPLISH THAT WHICH I PLEASE, AND IT SHALL PROSPER (flourish, increase, multiply, progress, make good) in the thing whereto I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

Christians actually believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the whole world and yet that he will FAIL to save the whole world.  No matter how many times their holy book clearly states, they will believe the opposite.

Christians, why do you think the following scripture is in the Bible?  Do you think you might need to think a bit more objectively about your God?

Christian?????  “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men…Full well you reject the commandments of God, that you may keep your OWN TRADITION” (Mark 7:7 & 9).

Jesus is clear that all men will be saved and is all of scripture.  So why do Christians work so hard on this fear and guilt thing?  1. Ignorance, 2. Money, 3. Power

    “I  am the door: by ME if any man enter in, HE SHALL BE SAVED…”(John 10:9).

     “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED” (Acts 2:21).

No, it will not be too late to be saved because all you do is willed by God, as I’ve demonstrated with scripture.

If you are not saved now and have no desire to be saved, God’s word tells us that you will not have a choice and you will be saved.

Notice Isa. 45:22-23  “Look unto me, and BE YE SAVED, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: for I am God, and there is none else. I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness , and shall not return, That unto me EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, EVERY TONGUE SHALL SWEAR” (See also: Phil. 2: 9-11 & I Cor. 12:3).

Yeah, apparently God likes to repeat himself and yet the typical Christian doesn’t want to accept the word of their God.

  “And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son [Jehovah-SAVIOUR] to be the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD” (I John 4:14)!

Simple FACT: Jesus can NOT be the savior of the world (which christians and scripture proclaim) and yet FAIL to SAVE THE WORLD (which Christians seem to believe).   

Don’t worry, if you hear the word of Jesus and you don’t believe, it is ok, you will be saved because he clearly states it to be so.

“And if any man hear My words, and believe not, I judge Him not, for I (Jesus) came not to judge the world, but to SAVE THE WORLD” (John 12:47)!

Yet Christians don’t believe the scriptures.  They believe what they’ve been told to believe.  They buy the fear and guilt story given to them by leaders in religion that make millions off their ignorance.  The best way to get rich because there is a world full of ignorance out there.

 “ALL Scripture is given by inspiration (Greek: God-breathed—out of His mouth) of GOD…” (II Tim. 3:16).

When God’s scripture states that he WILL have that ALL men be saved, he likely means ALL men will be saved.  Especially if you look at all of the supporting scriptural evidence I have provided.

From the breath of God we have:

“For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (I Tim.2:4).

and let us look at what else God’s breath inspired:

 “Our Father Who art in the heavens, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

Slam dunk case that God WILL SAVE ALL MEN and no one can decide to believe if God doesn’t cause them to believe.  No matter what, you can not believe in God until the very last day and you will be raised/saved.

Seems to be the opposite of what Christians attempt to preach.  Why would they lie?

If you believe the book of revelation teaches of a literal hell fire and second death then you should read the first verse in the first chapter and see how it clearly tells us it is all symbolic, NOT literal as Christians would have you believe.

How was Revelation to John to be recorded?  Lets look at Scripture again:

 “…and he sent and SIGNIFIED it by his angel unto his servant John” (Rev. 1:1)

Holy shit, did you see that?

I wonder what the synonym for signified is?  Wait, it happens to be symbol.  Holy shit, did Rev. 1:1 just make it clear that what was being presented and to be preserved for all of time was in symbolic form?  It looks that way.

Lets make sure, ok?

Webster’s states that to “signify” is “to make known by signs or words” and the first definition of signs is “any symbol that represents an idea”

“to make known by signs or words”

Since John was there “in spirit” means that he was not literally there on the lords day and as stated what has been signified the things that he sees and hears are in a vision and we seen/heard “in spirit”.

Now read the rest of the chapters of Revelation and notice how often symbols are used.  EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Fucking EVERYWHERE!!!

Yet Christians will get to the chapters on hell fire and the second death and claim it suddenly is LITERAL? Profoundly ignorant!

As you can see, Christians will never tell you this side of the story.  They will claim they know something you don’t know because they have a special relationship with the most powerful being that ever was and is and that this being loves them so very much that they get to go to heaven for believing he is real and the rest of the world gets to be tortured in hell fire for a horrible eternity of suffering.  Oh, and by the way, this being is our father that loves us all as his children…even the ones he plans to torture for eternity.

Now, would a loving father that has the power to forgive and save his child, not save his child.  No, NO FATHER would send their child to be tortured, no matter what they did, if they had the power to prevent it and on top of that the power to make there son and daughters perfect.

It’s clear, the christian lie is exposed and their story is complete hogwash.

Merry = X – Mas


Fox News Fact? Both Jesus and Santa are White!!

I am sure you all heard or even watched as Fox News host Megan Kelly (did I get that right?) declared that Santa was white and that is just how it is.  She also declared that Jesus was white.  Apparently Fox News Hosts are not expected to have had previous education in history or science.  Fox News seems to think whites and christians are being persecuted.  They seem to forget the privilege they’ve had all their lives just because they are white and christian.

They are clearly fearful of losing all their power and influence over other groups.  I love Lewis CK’s take on the white privilege.

Religious Ignorance Destroying Our Education System

Ham stated:

“You know, the atheist who are a very small minority in the population have been trying to impose their religion of atheism on the culture now for quite a while,” Ham explained. “You know, getting Bible, prayer out of schools. Christian symbols out of public places.”

“Because they’re becoming so aggressive, I just feel that it’s really time Christians really stood up in this culture to take on the atheists and to proclaim their message of hope,” he continued. “I mean, what’s the atheists’ message? There is no God? When you die that’s the end of you? So everything’s just meaningless and hopelessness?”

Mr. Ham, isn’t it true that you were recently released from serving several years in prison for committing a major crime?  Did that not come up in the discussion?  I wonder why?

Mr. Ham, lets think about the atheist belief and yours.

An atheist believes that when you die,  that is the end.  (in your words)

Christians like you believe that only your version if God is real and he sent his son to be tortured and then killed to save men because they did as they were created to do, so that when men die, a select few and I mean very few, will not actually die but will live on for eternity in perfect health and happiness while the other men that didn’t believe like you stated will be horribly tortured by fire for an eternity all by a father that loves us like his children?

I wonder which one is the most honest and mostly likely true statement?  Absurd, isn’t it?

Behold The Atheist’s God


Jesus Supports This Belief, Doesn’t He?

1458415_10151986151479655_631479922_nWhy do so many Christian/Republican/Conservatives support the Republican party so faithfully when the Republican party is the one that wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and other programs that helps those in need, including families.  Jesus was clear that we should sell ALL our possessions and follow him.  If we want to be perfect he said we should sell all our possession and do as he did.

Jesus gave free food to those in need, free medical care to those in need.  Why is it that Christian Republicans give so much support to their party.  The party that continues to vote for big oil, big military defense (killing/murder), big medicine and insurance companies and believe that corporations are people?  Soon, corporations will run the government and as republicans have done in our state, they’ve supported corporations to the point that we no longer get sick days at work.  In a salary position we do not get sick days and our pay is docked if we call in sick.  Wow, how ignorant.  Some day that is going to back fire miserably.  Someone will avoid staying home sick and bring a new sickness to work that could harm or kills many.

Bonus Pic:


Duck Dynasty Gets Tweet From God


The Duck Dynasty guy who likened homosexuality to bestiality makes a living helping people trick ducks into thinking they want to fuck them.

War On Christmas? Ri-dick-ulous Christian Conservatives



Bonus Pick


Christian Hypocrites are Everywhere

Christian seems to not have faith in their God and instead of heeding his word not to judge and let that be up to God.  They want to take on God’s role and do the judging and punishment.  What hypocrites they are.  Watch Fox News and you can see them bounce back and forth every day.  It is always wrong if it is against something they care about and always right if they want to dish it out on others.  Holy Fucking Unbelievable.

1531785_10151881640481275_329922337_nPersonally, I think what both men have stated was wrong and ignorant but also believe they have the right to believe whatever it is they want.  No matter how crazy it may be.


Contributions Of Religion

Imagine, each of these people believe in their form of God just as much as Christians believe in their God.  Each one will claim the other religions are lies and NONE of them provide a shred of evidence to support their God is any less false than any other God.  That is a FACT

Atheism – Year In Review

Health Care Reform

Yes, we all know Bush was on a mission from his God because he said he was. Really, he did. So, in the name of his God along with Fox News and millions of Christians they decided it was good to invade Iraq based on lies and in the process murder 10’s of thousands of people. Praise God. The same groups of people are now against health care reform and have done everything they can to stop it or destroy it. Helping people in need in this country and Christians want nothing to do with it. Jesus would be proud, wouldn’t he?


It always seems that christians, especially the old white ones, care more about themselves while they claim to follow Jesus. Jesus would have helped all those that needed medical attention and he would not have gone to war or supported a war based on lies. Yet Christians, especially those that follow Fox News do all they can to go against their God’s wishes while claiming to be for their God. Apparently they don’t know Jesus and haven’t read his book.

Like Racists Christians, Mormons Ignore & Heed The Word Of Their God When They Feel Like It

The LDS church admits that it was wrong about race from the church’s beginning in 1830 until 1978 when God changed his mind about black people.

Here is what the new document “Race and the Priesthood” says about it:
Today, the Church disavows the theories advanced in the past that black skin is a sign of divine disfavor or curse … that mixed-race marriages are a sin; or that blacks or people of any other race or ethnicity are inferior in any way to anyone else.
If that is true, then the LDS church disavows the Book of Mormon, which says that God cursed people by blackening their skin, causing them to be “a dark, filthy, and loathsome people,” and that any “white and delightsome” person who “mixes seed” with them will be “cursed with the same cursing.”

Here are just a few passages in the Book of Mormon that the Mormon church now disavows:
After they had dwindled in unbelief they became a dark, and loathsome, and a filthy people, full of idleness and all manner of abominations. 1 Nephi 12:23
He had caused the cursing to come upon them … wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people … Cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing. 2 Nephi 5:21-23
And the skins of the Lamanites were dark …which was a curse upon them because of their transgression against their brethren…therefore they were cursed; and the Lord God set a mark upon them. And this was done that their seed might be distinguished from the seed of their brethren, that thereby the Lord God might preserve his people. Alma 3:6-8
This people … shall become a dark, a filthy, and a loathsome people … because of their unbelief and idolatry … They were once a delightsome people … But now, behold, they are led about by Satan. Mormon 5:15-18

(The book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price).
And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam; and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them. Moses 7:22

There was a blackness came upon all the children of Canaan, that they were despised among all people. Moses 7:8
Now this king of Egypt was a descendant from the loins of Ham, and was a partaker of the blood of the Canaanites by birth. … from Ham, sprang that race which preserved the curse in the land … Pharaoh … seeking earnestly to imitate that order established by the fathers in the first generations, in the days of the first patriarchal reign, even in the reign of Adam, and also of Noah, his father, who blessed him with the blessings of the earth, and with the blessings of wisdom, but cursed him as pertaining to the Priesthood. Abraham 1:21-26


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