God Wills Same Sex Marriage – He Clearly Approves

Christians, in general do not support same sex marriage and are the most vocal opponents of same sex marriage.  According to scripture “Everything is of God” and “Everything is according to his will”.  Yes, that means that no matter what happens, it is according to God’s will.  Not man’s will.  “The steps of men are not of himself”.  No need to wonder what that statement means.  Men don’t have free will to decide what to do but instead, GOD wills all things to happen.  “all things are of God”.  How many times do you need to read such words in scripture and claim it isn’t up to God and isn’t his will?  “they will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

You can do “NOTHING” but for the father.  You can’t get married if you are gay if the follow doesn’t want you to get married.  How many people have participated in same sex union?  All of which are the will of god and couldn’t take place but for the father.  Wonder why Christians go against their fathers will and protest?

More Christian Sex With Children In The News

When will it end?  Christians that happen to be Republicans having sex with Children?  Seven priests have been “credibly accused” of sexually abusing children, and five of those priests served in Duluth for a portion of their priesthood. Attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents sex-abuse survivors, released the names of the seven priests Tuesday, after a settlement was reached between a man identified as Doe 30 and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a Catholic order of priests and brothers.

They Say, Without God You Can’t Have Morals

A former papal diplomat charged with the sexual abuse of boys was hospitalized and put in intensive care ahead of the opening Saturday of his trial, Vatican officials said. The trial against Jozef Wesolowski, who faces charges of abusing shoeshine boys in the Dominican Republic and with possessing child pornography, had been scheduled to open Saturday morning in a Vatican courtroom.  I’m not sure how true the saying is with the Catholic Church having an establishment that basically sanctioned child pornography for years by hiding the truth and paying off victims.

Marriage Equality – God Approves

Not only does the Supreme Court agree that Marriage Equality is a right all humans have, so does God himself.  There would be no homosexual men and women if God hadn’t created them and willed them to be homosexual.  Remember, “everything is according to His will”.  That is God’s word.  So Christian Republicans, stop trying to go against your God’s desires and just let go of all the hate you have for others that don’t do your will.  Remember the Lord’s prayer?  “my will be done”.  Do you think two men could get married if God hadn’t willed it?

Learn to love like the mythical stories of Jesus states he loved everyone, no matter what they were or what they did.  Why can’t Christian Republicans just do as Jesus asked?

Donald Trump, GOP, Republican, Billionaire (corps. are people), Christian, White, Racist – Fits Right In

Donald and the Republican Party have a problem with immigration.  They want fences and punishment for those that cross the board to find a better life.   Thankfully for us white “Americans”, the American Indians didn’t stop us from immigrating to their great country.  Unfortunately for the American Indians, they trusted and welcomed the White Christians to their country and were murdered, raped and had their land stolen from them and their families confined to smaller and smaller parcels of land.  Republicans carry on the tradition of white christian hate and finally, the masses are starting to get tired of this message.  Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans still have the support of white racists, the KKK, white socialist movements, Corporations and “Christians”.  Clearly the tides have changed and white, christian, republicans hate it and are becoming more vocal (exposing their true colors).  We have same sex marriage, Obama care (could have been much better for those in need if Republicans didn’t rape it), and the confederate flag coming down.

Donald truly helps the freedom within our country by spreading his republican hate on national broadcast TV.  I’m so thankful for the freedoms of speech, no matter how ignorant the presenter.

Donald, look at history.  This is not your country.  This country truly belongs to the American Indian.  Whites are here because we immigrated here, and then killed, raped the native people.  The original white immigrants to America were the worst of the worst and yet this country turned out pretty good, despite all the hate and ignorance of people like you.


It’s Been A While, But I’m Coming Back Soon – Likely more than 3 days

Dave, I hope you are doing well and I do appreciate you coming to my blog after all this time has passed.  I know you had some things to take care of in life and I’ve basically have been traveling most of the time at my new job and moved across the US to a new place.

I’ve read so much in the time that has passed and often wanted to make a few posts based on the things I’ve read.   I’ll need to start posting once my traveling stops sometime mid July.

Lots of things seems to have changed with wordpress too, I’ll need to see what new features it provides.


Tiny Homes and Tiny Homes Wheels

Just thought I would post a few of the interesting little homes built by Tumble Weed Houses.  http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/pages/houses