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Christian Religion Is Consistent

They consistently work to hide, lie and deceive others.  They consistently deny any fault or wrong doings.  When it is exposed, they make excuses and blame others for why they did what they did.  Just like the excuses Christians made for supporting war in Iraq and torture.

It is time for religion to die.

The Greatest Christian American

National Day Of Prayer

I would guess if people want to pray to their version of God, then go ahead.  Just because the government doesn’t sponsor it doesn’t mean they can’t do it as individuals.

It is pretty funny that so many Republicans want government OUT of their life and yet they want government to get into our religious life.  Suddenly, when it is something they want, they are happy to have the government involved…force your religious opinions but nothing else.  What a joke.

Aren’t the republican Christians always intolerant of others and wanting to push their beliefs onto the nation.  The party of no, no, that s a sin, that is wrong, you can’t do that, even if you want to,  you can’t do it.  No, you can’t marry to people of the same sex, that is wrong, we don’t like it so you can not have equal rights.  Ignorance never stops, does it?

Christian Scholar Agrees With Scientist: Evolution True

It seems this Christian knows evolution is a reality.  I wonder how they think anyone can undermine God’s word?  God is all powerful so no one can undermine him, can they Christian?  Or is your God mortal and ready for an ass kicking by me?

More Christian Sexual Abuse Of Children

Christian Republicans are always attempting to make excuses for why their belief system is moral and based on morals that can only be derived from their God.  Yet it can be demonstrated that their belief, the history of their belief is full of profoundly immoral acts.

Time to move this religious belief system completely out of our government and should never be associated with a moral society or government.  We should all denounce this Christian religion (and others) and let our country be known that we no longer support the evils of such superstitions.

Profoundly Immoral: The Unbelievable Horror Of Christian History

This video is at times a bit boring but it full of lots of information around the Christian use of torture to force others into following what they wanted you to believe.  I find it odd that Christians today like to claim that our morals come from their God and that without God we would have no morals.  Yet, if you watch this video, you will be horrified at the devices and methods for torturing other humans in the name of the Christian God.

Think about this as well.  The people that developed these horrible ideas are the same people that influenced the writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing, re-writing…. of the “word” of their God.  This God was invented by primitive minds that apparently put together the guiding principles of the Christian religion.

Do you wonder why Christian Republicans today have voted for a war based on lies that allowed torture?  Do you wonder why Christian Republican re-elected their Christian president to carry on his war and torture for his “mission from god”?  Is it surprising that they are the same people that voted against giving health care to millions in need?  I don’t.  To this day, they still attempt to force others to do as they believe is “moral”.  Clearly, history demonstrates they know nothing about morals.

Look at the history of molesting children onto of the approximately 10 to 50 million that suffered from torture.

I’t amazing that such a force for “moral” could have their hands bloodied throughout history for such profoundly immoral acts committed by and supported by millions that follow Christ.

I find nothing moral about the birth of this belief or the practice throughout history.

Judge strikes down Arkansas law banning same-sex couples from adopting.

An arkansas Circuit judge struck down a state law banning unmarried couples from adopting children or serving as foster parents. The measure amounted to a ban on adoption and foster parenting by same-sex couples, who are banned from legally marrying in Arkansas. “Due process and equal protection are not hollow words without substance,” said Judge Chris Piazza of Pulaski County Circuit Court.

“It infringes upon the fundamental right to privacy guaranteed to all citizens of Arkansas,” the judge ruled in the lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

Piazza also “sided with the ACLU in its argument that the ban reduced the pool of potential adoptive and foster parents to the point where many children could go without homes.”

Seems these right wing, conservative Republican, Christian ideas and attempts to discriminate against people because of their sexual preferences is slowly being destroyed.