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Religion, Begging For Protection

In every mosque, church, and temple on Earth, people are educated against the evils of being human. Sex is evil. Gays are to be killed. Heretics should be burned. These are real-life, modern theologies that are preached every day in this modern world. Yet now, as education and awareness are growing (mainly thanks to the internet) these self-same anti-human bigots are at the UN begging for protection from the “defamation of religion”.

Why don’t you religious nuts ask your Gods for protection?  You an’t standup to the questions, the logic which exposes your lies?  You spend your lives lying about your Gods as if they are real, without providing a shred of evidence to support any of them.  You spend your lives being intolerant of others, attempting to restrict others from their freedom to live and love as they please.

Lets hope you all end up with your religions exposed to the world and that one day we are all free of your hate….which you call love.

Our Marriage Was Once Illegal Too

Christians are against many things while they ignore the FACT that the Bible states we should execute virgins.  The Bible also states we should stone to death those that commit adultery and that would include a person that is divorced and has remarried (which means they are committing adultery) having sex.  What is wrong Christians?  You just want to hate those you don’t agree with or life styles you don’t like?  Why not work just as hard to attack the lives of people that are divorced and want to get married.  Why not attack those that wear clothes made of different fabrics because the Bible is clear on that as well.

Oh yeah, you just want to hate a specific group like you hated blacks….right Christians?  Religion makes me sick, the hypocrisy is outrageous and yet NO one calls them out on it when interviewed on any of the news programs.  Pathetic.

Religion & Morality? Kids, Beware of the Lies Of Religion, the Hypocrisy in the Name of God

Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told.  Religion is doing what you are told regardless if it is right.

Religious types are always attacking homosexuals and use a couple of Scriptures to do it.  Yet they ignore the Scriptures that clearly state women should keep there heads covered, marriage is only valid if the woman is a virgin, and she should be EXECUTED if she is not.  Why is it that the Christians don’t attack anyone that isn’t a virgin?  Hypocrites!

Anyone that commits adultery should be stoned to death.  And if you are divorced and then remarry and have sex with your new spouse, you have committed adultery.

Religion always ignores the FACTS printed in their book unless they can use it to spread hate towards others.

There are also a number of other things we can list for which is greatly immoral and yet Christians do all the time.

Jews, Doing Onto Others As Was Done Onto Them?

You Must First Invent The Universe

Listen to the people at the beginning of the video claim, as if they know, when the earth was created.  They don’t provide proof, they just claim it and magically, it is REAL?  Therefore, we can claim anything and it becomes real?  Fucking idiots!

Save A Life, Ousted By The Church But Molest A Child, Keep Your Job

It is time for religious establishments to mind their own business.  The lies of religion, the hate of religion, the group of no, do this, don’t do that, this is wrong, that is wrong, God is real.  So, they out a nun for saving a life but they hide child molesters from justice and keep them employed.  Holy Shit!!!

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