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Gay Dude In Denial – Now A Straight Christian Man?

Hey dude, nice scarf.  As soon as I noticed your scarf, I thought, that dude is so straight…ha ha ha.

So, this gay man is in big time denial and speaking of sin, telling us that gays need to change their lifestyle or they are going to hell.  He is so sure of what he states and yet he doesn’t feel a need to prove any of the claims about  his God.  He can’t even show his belief that God is real is remotely true.  But hey, lets ignore that and just trust him.  Lets just go ahead and believe everything else he tells us as well.  Why should we expect evidence or facts?  We would rather be complete fools and follow the same delusion, wouldn’t we?  Well, we know the Christians have a tendency to be complete fools and buy all manner of stories that are never validated, proven or even remotely possible.

Before the gay man goes around telling others what is right and wrong, he might want to worry about his own life.  Want to bet he is not going to go out and give up his possessions (especially not his wardrobe) and do as Jesus did or as Jesus would do.  But he feels he has a right to tell others what is a sin, what is right and what it wrong.

Another religious idiot.

Christian and Hypocrisy

Our famous Christian Sarah Palin apparent had lots of cosmetic surgery and a boob job.  Is making millions and like the poster above clearly demonstrates, Christians don’t have a problem with it and don’t actually follow the teachings of the God they claimed suffered and died for them.  Now that is hypocrisy and no one ever points this out to Palin or other religious types when they appear in public in their fine clothes, jewelry, cars and having every luxury they could desire.  They claim to love God and yet don’t follow his true teachings or instructions or the example he put forth.  Yeah….fucking pricks if you ask me.

Religious Disclaimers Required By Law

Today a federal court has ruled that all religious materials and establishments claiming a God or Gods are now required to provide written and verbal disclaimers.  Churches have until June 30th of 2011 to comply with the new laws and update all materials (bibles, pamphlets, song books….etc) and verbally inform their audiences before and after sermons or other religious ceremonies.   This requirement has additionally been extended to prayers lead at sporting events and other ceremonies.

Example of required disclaimer for written material:

“The statements expressed in this publications are not founded on evidence and have never been demonstrated to be remotely true.  Invisible super friends and invisible super villains  don’t actually exist and have not been doing battle since the beginning of time.  Any Father that claims to love his children, have mercy and compassion can not be considered moral while threatening his children with endless torture and promising to actually torture billions of them.  Reading this material can cause racism, sexism, uncontrolled urges to molest children, lie, hate, blow yourself up, blowup other humans ad buildings, burn (set ablaze) those that don’t agree with you and to accept all manner of immoral acts as being moral.”

Church Sued for Performing Gay Unions – Gives Me An Idea!

If the woman actually followed through on her lawsuit and won then it might open the doors for another type of law suit against the church.  A suit that I believe would be valid.

What if you believed in God all your life and then you came to the realization that God was not real or that some other God was the real God.  Yet you donated 100’s of thousands of dollars to the Christian church thinking they were telling you the truth.  Why can’t we sue the church to get back out money and for fooling us into wasting years of our life believing in their lie.  It is basically fraud.  Fabricated stories told to gullible people made to believe it is all real.  Hell, you can even make the case that giving money to the church is not scriptural so not only did they tell you a lie but the even fabricated the actual teaching of their God.

Churches should have to provide a disclaimer on the front door and speak it before preaching and at the end of their sermon to ensure everyone realizes it is not a fact and only an opinion.  That depending on the family, society and country  your live, you will learn to follow a different God or no God at all.  They should be required to state there isn’t a single fact or piece of evidence that demonstrates ANYTHING regarding their God is true and that their God is not more real than the tooth fairy or any other God.

Gays Pride Parade and Bibles

I wonder if the man that wants to hand out bibles during the gay pride parade would have a problem with the gays going to his church and handout booklets about how gay life styles are not a sin and how Jesus Christ is just a copy of other Gods that came before him and like them Jesus is a myth.

Or maybe if muslims came to his church and handed out their religious materials and bibles translated into english?

People that want to attempt to push their beliefs onto others deserve a world full of people that will call then out on their lies concerning their invisible friends.