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Look At These Fools – He Heals Those With But Lets Children Starve and be Molested

These fools are so happy because someone told them she was healed, no proof necessary.  Nothing.  They are all jumping up and down and so happy and yet NOT a single piece of evidence was provided.  Their God watches as children suffer.  Poor children without food suffer while they fill multimillion dollar buildings with people that have every worldly luxury and their God obviously thinks the people with all the money are the ones that deserve to be healed.  You know, the ones that will be giving money to that specific church…for God.  God needs lots of money because he can’t do it on his own…his power if limited.  What?  OH NO….the Christians don’t have time to go out and live the life of Jesus, they are too concerned about loving thyself more than others.  Wasn’t that the message of their Jesus?

Want to bet the people in the video have several changes of clothes, several different pairs of shoes, nice cell phones, cars, homes, food and extra cash in their pocket?  Just like Jesus would have done and just like Jesus taught.  If you want to follow Jesus, don’t sell all your possessions and give to the poor…no…he wanted you to put yourself first ad then buy more stuff as children die for lack of food and water.

Right Christians?  The example for Christ (Christians) provide us our view of their God.  Keep up the good job, hypocrites.  It makes my job much easier.

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Those Christian Republicans (GOP) Really Hate Homosexuals

Just like the Texas GOP, the Montana Republican Party has adopted a platform that would criminalize “homosexual acts”:

Homosexual Acts: “We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal.”

Or maybe they just pretend to hate them because their God is directing them to judge others and tell them whom they can love and what they can do with their very own bodies.  Maybe we should be thanking those Christians for being so moral and good and taking the time to care so very much about what others are doing with their personal lives.  We all know they are all doing Just As Jesus instructed…right?  I mean, when Jesus stated “do as I have done” and when Jesus told them clearly to sell their possessions and follow him and lived it by example… that is why we see all of them selling their homes and world things so they can do as Jesus did, live a life without possessions and instead helping feed the hungry, healing the sick.  Jesus said love others as you love yourself.

Since we see so many Christians actually being so perfect and trying so hard to do as Jesus did, they are allowed to throw stones and govern the personal lives of others….right?  Unless they got a beam stuck in their eyes.