One Good Reason To Celebrate Bush/Cheney Stance On Stem Cell Research

Yeah, believe it or not there is much to celebrate about Bush and Cheney’s decision to be against embryonic stem cell research.  If they had invested in such research then Cheney might have a new heart growing in a lab right now.  But, instead he is living due to a mechanical pump now being given to a small but growing number of people with heart failure so severe that they would most likely die within a few months without it.

Personally, with all the lives Cheney and Bush sentence to death for their war to please big oil, bid military defense and their own egos, Cheney shouldn’t be provided with the technologies to keep him alive.  The money used to keep him alive could save the lives of many children needing treatment or even food.  Yeah, Cheney seems to think his life is far more valuable than the hungry, dying children in the world.  Especially since he lied to send so many Americans heros to their death…we owe Cheney…don’t we?

Why is it that Dick Cheney, his very religious family and his very religious x-boss George Bush don’t just ask God to heal little Dick?  All you need to do is ask your God and apparently ANYTHING you ask shall be given onto you?  Ask for your heart to be healed today…go ahead Dick. Or is it that you actually believe more in man’s ability to save you?  It appears that is the case and you are just telling your God you have no real faith in him.  That should go over well when you arrive to meet your maker, soon I hope.  For the harm Cheney has caused so many and the families he has caused to lose a loved one, he should just die and donate the technology to help a real hero or the family of some of the heros he helped send to their death based on lies.

Well, it seems religious types like him are a bit selfish and care far too much for themselves that they are not about to sacrifice anything, even when they are on their last breath.

Is Dick Cheney afraid to die?  Doesn’t he look forward to being with his magic, invisible friend in the sky?  I thought all those religious people couldn’t wait to be with their God.  Yet every time they find out they are about to die, they fight like hell to stay alive.  Why?  Seems none of you really believe the bull shit you preach but love to use it to claim you are a little more special than others and that you get to go to a special place that only a few select special individuals get to go.

Come to find out, you go to the exact same place as the rest of us but you are so afraid that you can’t admit it.

Too bad evil shit bags like Bush are not going to join you soon because I am aware of many that feel it is your fault they lost their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers because you had a mission from God to kill and torture.  Too bad your God isn’t real so that he can face the same sad fate as Dick.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dave on July 19, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Amazing, how human dirt-bags like Bush and Cheney ever attain the status of leaders. Is this country really composed of an idiot majority? I live with a right-wing moron who hangs on every word Rush has to say everyday, as if he’s the RCA dog listening to His Master’s Voice. POTUS is an impossible job. An obvious flaw in our political system. Sorry, founding fathers. Nothing, aside from a state of perpetual war, seems comforting ( or conveniently confusing ) to the general populace.

  2. i guess we can see what view a person has based on what TV or radio they watch. At least that is typical. I watch Fox because I don’t agree with them and i am amazed that people fall for it, just like rush. the general populace is being played for fools and they are happy to announce their support to the world, not realizing just how ignorant and hypocritical they are.

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