Officer Bubbles – Next, He will want to arrest your child for blowing bubbles

It reminds me of little children looking for an excuse to be the bully and yet claim they were assaulted.  The cop can’t be too tough if he is worried about bubbles assaulting him…haha.  But hey, that is just my opinion and I don’t know shit.  Is his name really Officer Bubbles?  It is a cute name.  Maybe he should wear a dress for the next G20 get together.  I am terrified of bubbles myself.  I had many of them pop on me and it really hurts, i’ve got soap rings on my body to prove it.

Oh, maybe he is afraid of soap for other reasons?  Maybe he has dropped it a few times.  Personally, cops like that make me lose all respect for law enforcement.  Please don’t sue me officer bubbles or whatever your name is.  I am just exercising free speech and I believe I have that right.  try to arrest my son for blowing bubbles and you wan’t look so tuff as you think you look.

So, If I blow air and it hits the officer, I could be arrested for assault?  Imagine, attempting to tell free citizens they can’t blow bubbles or it is an assault??  No, we don’t have to have respect for assholes like this.  Someone should kick his ass for abusing the child.

Don’t accidentally breath any dust into the little cops eye, you might knock him down.  fucking, fucking, fucking idiots.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Anyone who is NOT a civil libertarian can kiss my WFA.

    This video makes my fkn blood boil.

    (WFA = White Fkn Ass)

  2. I can’t believe the cop and legal system getting away with such bull. I guess if a bubble hits me as I am going down the road, I can bring a person up on assault charges. If the cop has a cold and gives me the cold by breathing on me, is that assault?

    i can’t imagine hiring a “big tough man” as a cop but he can’t handle a f…ing bubble. Lets take him out with a bubble. alright soldiers, get your bubble guns ready, we are going to take out the cops. ready? blow.

  3. yeah, these types of things really piss me off as well.

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