Pope Admits: ‘I No Longer Believe In God’

VATICAN CITY—Pope Pope Benedict XVII serves as the representative of Christ on earth for millions of followers of the Christian religion.  He told an interviewer Monday that in the many years in which he has served the Lord Jesus Christ he ‘slowly lost his faith in God’ and that ‘I no longer believe in God’

Vatican officials present in the interview we shocked and clearly concerned that such statements were made in the presence of reporters.

When pressed by the interviewer as to why he lost his faith in God, the Pope stated: ‘After 70 years of service you would think he would at least help me to coverup the sexual abuses I allowed to go on’ and ‘you would think he could at least kill those that came forward, but no, he didn’t do a fucking thing to help, the bastard can eat shit for all I care”.

After the Pope’s outburst, vatican officials quickly moved in and removed the Pope from the interview without further word.

When reporters followed up at the Vatican later that day they found priests, bishops and the Pope himself having a drug induced orgy with underaged children and male prostitutes dressed like Satan.

As of this report the Vatican and their superstitious pushers have been shut down.

Happy Holidays to Bill Donohue

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