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Scientology: Another Religious Cult Out To Get Your Money & Mind

It’s good to see a church that claims to care about others spend millions on a printing factory while children die for lack of clean water.

They are working to brainwash the world.  Too bad we don’t tax these establishments.  Imagine how much good we could do for America if we taxed them.  For some reason, we don’t tax these huge businesses that get away with lying to the world.

Money, Money, Money, Money is what they want…oh…and control of your mind so that as their numbers grow, you will give them complete support.  Brainwashing is a slow process and the less intelligent a person is, the more likely they are to fall for it.

Scientology appears to be some real crazy shit.  Oh yeah, they don’t like to speak of a woman being killed by their leaders.  Just look at Tom Cruise…the mother fucker is wack!!!

God Can’t Do This But Man Using Science Can – Heal You

If you don’t believe me, go up to a burn patient and pray to God to heal their skin.  I promise you that none of the Gods can perform this magic.  You have my word!  However, it appears man using science can do it.

And Christian Republicans just don’t want us using stem cells.  I guess because we will demonstrate their God doesn’t know shit.

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