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Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly & The Crickets

A little break from exposing Christianity!  Enjoy!

Christian Bible Scholar Personal De-conversion

Creationist Arguments – Sing Along

To Be Saved, Jesus Must Enter You First

Wow, I don’t feel like bending over for Jesus to enter me.  I read a story about the Secret Gospel of Mark stating Jesus spent the night with a young boy home left without his clothes on after spending the night with Jesus.  I guess Jesus entered him and he was saved.  Sounds like a cult to me.

Sorry Jesus, I’m straight and have no plans for anyone entering me.

The Christian Church Will Do This If You Let Them:

Body Of Christ – With Or Without Nuts

This gets better as it gets near the end.

Size Of The Universe

Aren’t facts cool?  No need to make-up an invisible buddy and claim he did it all.  We are men and according to the Christian God, we too are Gods.  Apparently, with science, we are.

Did Jesus Die For Nothing? In My Case, He Did!