Our Immoral Humans, The Religious

All I can say is Fuck Allah, Fuck Mohammad, Fuck Jesus Christ because they are the cause of all manner of evil in this world.  People believe in these “God’s” and “prophets” and claim to be moral and better than others.  Yet they have a history of the most intolerant behavior, violence, murder, rape, molesting and war.

How the fuck does anyone give an ounce of respect to these superstitions?  NOT a single one of them have shown their God to be remotely true but they are happy as hell to condemn others for not following their belief.  Then they are such cowards that they’ve got to kill others.  They don’t face their enemy one on one on equal ground….ignorant cowards.

We still have “Christians” by the millions giving money to the Catholic Church.  Paying for the molesting of children, the hiding of crimes against children and the catholic churches other crimes which lead to the death of children.  Clearly, this is not moral.  It is no different than giving money to Islam so that they can blowup their enemies like real cowards.

For the young minds out there, lets stop supporting these superstitions.  Lets stop giving them a voice to hate.

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