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Proof Jesus Did NOT Sacrifice Himself – He’s A Fake

According to Jesus Christ, from Scripture, He didn’t sacrifice himself.

“Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, what Jesus is about to say is the Gospel I say unto you, THE SON CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF…” (John 5:19).  Jesus could do nothing but for the father.

God clearly stated that EVERYTHING was according to His will and no one else’s!!!!

“I know that, whatsoever God does…NOTHING can be put to it, nor ANYTHING taken from it: and GOD DOES IT” (Ecc. 3:14).

Yes, it is pretty clear that Jesus could do NOTHING but for his father and that everything that is done is done by his father.

“Yet ALL things are of God”.


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose [matter or event] under the heaven” (Ecc. 3:1).

Yes, it is perfectly clear that God decided the time Jesus would be crucified and he decided that it would be by crucifixion.  As we know, God stated that he “Planned ALL things from the beginning”.  Long before his son was born and he planned the “end” as well.

Therefore, Christians, get a grip and realize that your Jesus had no power to sacrifice himself.  He was forced to go through with it, it was required and it was what he was sent to do.  Period.

Now, lets look at the other aspect of this story.  Sacrifice?  Let me see, tell me and prove to me that I will live forever and never be sick and always be happy.  Would I “sacrifice” myself for that life later?  Fuck yes and everyone would.  But that isn’t a sacrifice.  Instead it is selfish and not done for others.  If Jesus was told to give his life for man and that he would also be tortured in hell fire for eternity after he does it, then I would call that a sacrifice.  If he was told he would die and that would be the end, it would still be a sacrifice.  But that isn’t what he was promised, was it?  Fuck no.  He was promised EVERYTHING, greater than any man could receive if they should go to heaven.

It isn’t much of a sacrifice if you receive the most amazing rewards possible or imaginable for suffering for a short time.  No, it isn’t!

Religion Is Like A Penis

Repost, because it is so true.  Funny things is, I can’t say the same for a vagina.  Feel free to whip out your vagina and wave it around, or your breasts.  Why can’t religion be like a vagina?

Why Do ALL Christians Disobey Jesus? – Christians Will Avoid This Post

Christians love to support war and to deny those in need of health care.  They are NOTHING like Jesus and will avoid thinking about this as they walk through their life.

Christians will give an excuse and tell us that Jesus didn’t mean this or Jesus meant that and yet they will not address the perfectly clear commandments of Jesus Christ.  You know, the dude that they say sacrificed his life for them?

Oh well, I agree Christians, fuck Jesus Christ.  Do what you want, regardless of what your God tells you.

A Universe From Nothing? Worth The Watch!

What Would Jesus Do? He Didn’t Sacrifice Himself – Scriptural Proof!

I have noticed that Christian don’t actually care what Jesus would do and they do all they can to avoid asking that question because they would then be forced to do the opposite of what they typically do.

I also think it was very smart to avoid doing what Jesus did.  Why?  It was clearly a bad decision because we all know what happened.  He got his assed nailed to a board just like many Gods before him.

What is interesting is that we know that Jesus didn’t sacrifice himself.  Jesus had not choice and he stated it a few times.  “I can do NOTHING but for the father”.  Clearly, he admitted the truth and therefore never sacrificed anything.  He was created by God to do exactly what he did and NOTHING else could have happened, according to Scripture.

So, sorry Christians, your Sacrifice is a lie.

Proof Christian Republicans Are Completely Ignorant

Israel is just as evil as the Nazis and if they were allowed, they would slaughter those around them to take the land and gain power.

Rick Perry, you are an idiot.  Your God is not real and no more real than any other God.  They are all just as fake as the tooth fairy.

Lets take down religion, remove it from our society and put it in the home where it belongs.  It does not belong in our government and if allowed, it would destroy our individual freedoms.

Everyone knows Israel is a terrorist state that has no problem murdering those that they don’t like.

Lets cut ALL funding to religious establishments and other countries.  Once we help our people here at home, then we can decide to help others.  It should be a decision made by the people and not some religious nut.

Christians Raping Children Throughout History – Give Them Money?

Yeah, donate money to the Catholic Church so they can pay the salaries of child raping priest and so they can use that money to stop their priest from being held accountable.  Lawyers can be expensive and we all know those that donate to the Catholic Church would love for the Child Rapist/Molesters to be freed.  If ANY other type of establishment had such a history of profoundly evil acts, it would have been destroyed and removed from society after it was exposed.

Religious people seem to like to protect other religious people, even if they are rapist of children.  I would love to have some of them explain what they plan to tell Jesus when they face him in the end times when Jesus asks: “Why did you continue to support a religious establishment with a history of harming my children?  It was clearly reported, along with all their other evil acts throughout history and yet you continue to donate money to help such a vile establishment.  Why?

Go ahead, little Christian, what would you say to Jesus?  Can’t wait to hear the excuses.

Religion is a truly disgusting and profoundly evil thing!