Fox News: Christian Republican Ignorance of First Amendment

All I can say is Fuck your Jesus Christ, His Father and Fox News.  All of them have a hate for anyone that doesn’t do what they want them to do.  The are happy to torture, burn for an eternity anyone that doesn’t worship them.

The minority was subjected to the majority in the days of slavery and religious rule.  Thank goodness religion doesn’t rule because that would truly mean the end to freedom.  Look at muslim nations.  So yes, Fuck your Jesus Christ, his Father and Fox News or anyone that wants to force their shit God down the throats of others.

The video provides more poof of how Fox News deceives it viewers and why their viewers are the most misinformed of Americans.  Fox News, like many Christian establishments work tirelessly to create division and intolerant attitudes in our world.  Fortunately, Americans are becoming more intelligent and that will mean the end of Christianity and other superstitious beliefs.

The more Christians we have in the world, the greater my children’s chances of excelling in college.  So, go ahead and teach your kids to believe in nonsense because you are helping to ensure the future success of my kids.

One response to this post.

  1. Lissen here, ya’ll, now ya’ll know ‘at t’ere ain’t right, cuz mah boy here, he’s all upset cuz he cain’t look up and see that there cross. Ah mean, we lived here for twenny years, so by God, I don’t see why they wanna go and do sump’n like this here here.

    Translation: I’m angry, because I don’t always get my way. Fuck the U.S. Constitution, because I only believe in the Constitution when it suits me, like at a Tea Party rally.

    I love this video. It is a reasoned response to unreasonable assholes. Thanks, true, for putting it up here. By the way, I saw this story on Fox News, live, the day they broadcast it first, and I was sitting there yelling at the television during most of it.

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