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Sex In The Bible

“The first interpreter of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the prophet Ezekiel, condemns Sodom not for homosexuality but for “pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease” and for failing to “aid the poor and needy” (Ezekiel 16:49). Nor does the story suggest that homosexuality is the problem. The Hebrew of Genesis 19 tells us that all the people of Sodom sought to “know” the two visitors: the people would have included the women, and they, like the men, died in the conflagration that destroyed their city. The problem is sexual violence, not homosexuality; attempted rape, not love.”

“As for the Levitical commandments typically cited as prohibiting homosexuality, the Hebrew is not as clear as some claim, and the historicizing rationales typically proposed for the injunctions – e.g., keeping up the birth rate, avoiding Canaanite practices — lack foundation. Some readers even find the Levitical codes trumped by earlier pronouncements: given that Genesis 2:18 states that it is not good for the human being to be alone, they cannot support condemning gay people to lives of singleness and solitude.”

Christian Republicans love to make claims which are often not supported by scripture and ignore those that clearly are supported.  The majority of Christian Republicans tend to be filled with the opposite beliefs of their God Jesus Christ but claim to follow him.

When their very God supports abortion, Christians claim it is immoral for humans to do the same while claiming the bible is the book of morals.  In fact, their God makes it very clear that we can do “NOTHING” but for the Father (god).  We can’t murder, rape, molest or any other vile act if God didn’t make it happen.  Yet Christian Republicans tell us God is moral and his book should be a guide of morals?  WTF?