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Why Christians Can’t See The Truth

Many of us have had a debate with a Christian at some point in our life.  It doesn’t matter how much logic, evidence or facts you provide to the Christian and it doesn’t matter to them how many holes they have in their stories.

They will not and can not be objective when discussing their God.  Why?  Because they are required to believe, or else unimaginably horrific things will happen to them after they die.  The agnostic or atheist is free to accept new data and a change to the way they believe the world around them to be.  Why?  Nothing bad will happen to them so they are free to be honest with themselves and others and thus are more honest than your average “christian”.

Christians are forced to live a lie and in order to make excuses for their ridiculous claims, they are forced to make more lies and excuses.  After doing this over the years it becomes increasingly easy for them to lie about other issues, what’s another lie?  They start to believe their lies and thus if they say it, it must be true.  They are never required to provide evidence or support their claims with any facts yet they demand anyone that doesn’t agree with their creation story prove that evolution is real.  Despite there being volumes of evidence in support of evolutions and NONE for creation.

This is why they can’t see the truth. Imagine having this belief system forced on you from birth.  You learn to lie and maybe that is why our recent round of GOP presidential/Christian leaders are often caught in lies?  It is part of the superstition they are forced to protect and as such they are unconsciously protecting their mental sanity by refusing the truth.  Imagine if being taught this lie all your life when you suddenly begin to realize it isn’t true.  That would be enough to take many of them over the edge and into a mental breakdown.

Just a thought