Christian Republican Rush Limbaugh Gets Support

Yeah, the Christian Republican Rush Limbaugh is upset that Sandra Fluke wants contraception so he called her a slut and a prostitute on his supported radio show.  Christians love to make everything about sex when the issue is health care and not someone wanting to get paid to have sex.  What idiots.

Anyway, I was shocked to see sticking by Rush Limbaugh and I just canceled their services for standing by someone that uses their money and power to bully people that are contributing to the American way of life and voicing their opinion.  It is sad that companies like LifeLock would take the side of a bully.

I guess we all need to make ourselves heard by dropping their services.  I hope this will help everyone to drop their services with lifelock.  If you truly need their services, then go with another company.  I had their services more out of fear than there actually being any real threat to my id or financial situation.

Vote against Rush Limbaugh and drop LifeLock services.

LifeLock is looking out for the bully and apparently support comments like “slut” and “prostitute” being used against Americans exercising their free speech rights and participating in the American way of life. Just like Jesus?

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  1. don’t even tell lifelock why you are dropping them. let them figure it out.

  2. True…..there’s no realistic threat to your ID or financials. It’s all ugga-bugga orchestrated/exaggerated by those playing the ‘intimidation/fear-factor card’. They would have us cower and believe America is a ‘sneaky, dangerous place’ where no one is truly safe. Fuck lifelock for perpetuating such a myth. They’re the real criminals and Limbaugh is one of their capos.

    Gee….that’s almost religious!🙂

  3. yeah, i agree with you. i have lost my social security card and copy of birth certificate in california and no one every stole my id. then I had my personal information taken out of my hotel room when I was in hawaii for business and I never had an issue. then i let the fear get to me and decided to waste money and be safe. / lifelock was apparently a waste and now that I see their support disgusting bullies like rush limbaugh, I had to cancel my services. They wanted to know why and I told them to figure it out. why give them help in getting back customers. i hope they change their ways and start having more respect for american freedoms and rights and stop supporting the rich fat cats….the 1 percent.

  4. I can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. I hate religion for all the true and good reasons.

    Neither can I support this site any longer. truelogic, I’ve come to realize that you’re either dishonest or lack discernment when it comes to public affairs. Either case is regrettable. I’ve enjoyed our give and take in the past, but if you insist on being a shill for the most dishonest bastards in the history of the world (that would be the Democrat party), I insist on bowing out. It’s really hard to be worse than the Republicans, as they are the assholes of the universe, but, miraculously, the Democrats have managed to do exactly that.

    Dave, you share truelogic’s naivete when it comes to the role of government.

    I am saddedned by this choice, but, as Martin Luther said, “Here I stand. I can do no other.” I shan’t return.

  5. hp…have you been tippling? “a shill for the most dishonest bastards in the history of the world?”. True is simply a Dem attacking Xtian Repubs. You hold that against him? He’s not the one invoking God in an effort to be elected!

    Naivete with respect to the role of government seems only to exist in the good ‘ol USA where citizens and big business are committed to maintaining an archaic two-party system. Up/down. Yes/no. Them /us. Do you have any clue as to how ridiculous this system appears to the rest of the world? Primaries, all that crap? Please don’t try and invoke a bankrupt Greece as an example as to the horrors of socialism. You’ve never been there, and hence, your opinions are entirely invalid.

    Being the ‘public affairs’ expert you are, and the naive nitwits we are, maybe, as a courtesy, you may take a moment to educate us.

    As a proven ‘person of your word’ you’ll likely not respond to this. Understood.

    I’m doing my utmost to keep this toned down but I’m still gob-smacked that an obviously intelligent person would scoot on the basis of……POLITICS???

    Martin Luther also said:

    “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

    Gee…..wonder what that means?

  6. Media whoredom is nothing new to the west. We invented it. That we still tolerate it is the real mystery. Limbaugh is antagonistic human trash…….with a huge following. Gotta wonder.

  7. Imus was bounced within two days for using the word, ‘Ho’, jokingly. This trash can throw around ‘slut’, ‘prostitute’ or any other word he deems fit and all it does is increase his public profile? My idiot Republican roommate can’t make the connection. Are we headed for Zombieland?

  8. I can’t stand the democrats either but it is the Republicans that push the Christian/religious agenda and religion completely disgusts me. not sure what you mean about me and public affairs but feel free to elaborate. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they didn’t care of my blog or for me, can’t please a lot of people but I do what i can to please those in need. to me the only thing that makes democrats better than republicans is that they are not to the religious extreme and pushing it on everyone else.

    I do find it interesting that you make a decision about me and or my site and without discussion “shan’t return”.

    However, i do wish you and yours the best in life. take care

  9. you may not have noticed some of my posts in the paste but i’ve stated that I made this site because of religion and because of media outlets that produce fox news and and support people like rush. they can distort the truth to the extreme. i try to take it to the extremes sometimes as well. i watch the media and notice those that support the republicans are most likely to make extreme lies, support religion and those that are fortunate while claiming to follow jesus. that is why my attacks are slanted towards republicans. anyway, i’ll leave it at that. peace

  10. I’m not actually a democrat and if I had another choice would vote for it. unfortunately, the republicans support religion and pushing their religious beliefs on us all. they are the political group of hate towards everyone that doesn’t believe in their god or “morals”. even though they don’t practice what the book states. I call that the ultimate in hypocrisy. if i had to pick a side, at this time in history, it would be the dems but it doesn’t mean I am a democrat.

    I don’t get why HP would just decide to leave without discussing the issues or without actually knowing what I think or feel. Hell, i read the fox news website and I can’t stand them but to be fair and informed, once needs to do things they don’t like. Unless I would just prefer to stay in the dark and only take the dems for their word. the biggest lies, the most hypocrisy, the most hate comes out of the party of christian and family values. like i stated before, if i had to take a side, it would clearly be the dems at this point in history.

    it isn’t like I have many people that visit my site on a regular basis and i honestly don’t try to get people to come. i am thankful if people come and say what they feel and make comments and hope they enjoy it but i am not going to change who i am to please someone i don’t know for a political reason.

    “even if i knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, i would go after religion” – Me

  11. Posted by roy shchach on May 16, 2012 at 11:57 am

    what annoys us is that rush eventually apologized. guess it was the civil thing to do but it still irks that he took that turn when his comment, however inflammatory was entirely correct. ie. shes an unmarried woman who needs birth control=slut.
    and so, to any other person who thinks they have the “right” to have government thugs extort my hard earned dollars to use for their birth control or food stamps, big screen t.v.s, cell phones, and liqua-store-vegetables.
    screw all you fascist sluts. im getting a lifelock account.

  12. yeah, and fuck jesus because Jesus would say fuck everyone else. glad they nailed that asshole to a board, aren’t you?

  13. Posted by lolo on May 19, 2012 at 1:21 am

    So is this an attack on Rush Limbaugh, on all Chrstians, or on Jesus Christ Himself? I can’t tell after all the ignorant and confused rambling replies I’ve just read. Just like liberal wackos, you have no idea what you are arguing for, yet you all are so angry! One more thing, I’m tired of people generalizing all “Christians” as well as all “Republicans” as if we all share the exact same beliefs and agendas. Sadly, the liberal brainwashing seems to be working and blinding some of you so you cannot consider a range of other peoples views with rationality.

  14. seems like you are the angry one and call names but hey, if you need to believe what you state to get through life, good for you. when the majority of people in a group behave a certain way, then i can generalize. in fact, i have the freedom to do as I wish and if you don’t like it then you can run along. no harm to me.

    if you need to believe i am liberal, i guess you need to believe it. just like people that claim god is real need to believe god is real because they have emotional needs to meet which may be based on fear or loneliness or any other possible issues. people that believe in god claim god is real yet never need evidence to prove any of it. seems like you fit right in.

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