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Effects of Marriage Equality

Christians Republicans don’t want gays to have equal rights just like they have typically have been strongly against equal rights for minorities.

Sharia Law Explained


The Christian form of the bible states that one should cut off their hand if it offends them///sins.  However, Christians pick and choose which crimes of hate they want to follow no matter what their God tells them.

Dogma Advisory Warning – Should Be On All Bibles

Human Rights Advisory Warning
Possibly psychologically damaging content.

Before you start reading this book, please be aware, if you think you might be a human who has a soul it is strongly advised that you read and fully comprehend this warning first.
There has never been any proof, or even evidence, that humans have an invisible component, a ‘spiritual core’, which is commonly known as soul.
The content of this book suggests a package of rewards and punishments which may be available to or forced upon any who think they have a soul.

If you do think you have a soul and continue to read this book you will instantly be bound by its laws. There is no choice, this book and others of its kind, contains within it clauses which state, loosely…
“If you read this book you will be considered to be aware of its message. Should you read then choose to deny that which this book contends or defy its laws, at the end of your life your ‘soul’ component will be forced”, by the god it contends exists, “into a giant concentration camp and tortured forever.”
This book and others like it also clearly sate, again loosely, that…
“If you have never read this book, your ‘soul'”, which it contends you own, “will be judged merely on how well or badly you have behaved to your fellow humans throughout your life.”
So, whether or not you think you have a soul, regardless of any reward which may be offered, it’s probably best to ignore such books with these types of clauses because this would put you in the more advantageous position of 1. Not having known the rules, and 2. Not offending any true god there might be, by reading and following the wrong god’s rules.

Continue reading at your own risk or rather, if this book is to be believed, your eternal risk.

Final Advisory note:
If you do not understood any part of the warning above, you should read no further.
If you are an adult and are considering reading and explaining this book to a child in your care, it is further advised that if should you do so and then the child grows to resent the decision you took, he or she may have the right to prosecute you for infringing his or human right to SELF determination.

Sunday Sermon

Each individual accounts for something.  Unlike religion or the Christian Republican political beliefs.  You are not forced to believe something or be burned for eternity, like religion.  If you are poor in need, you count for something and deserve health care and social protections.

Reason With The Religious

house md if you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people

The statement is so true.  Religious types are not open to reason when it comes to their specific God.  Especially those that believe in a God that promises to torture them (like a loving father) for eternity if they don’t conform to such belief.  Christians can’t even begin to reason because reason would demonstrate their God is not more real than any other God and thus they would be headed for hell if they have doubt in their God.  Brainwashing is a strong tool used against the weak minded and emotionally vulnerable.