Racism Is Learned by Children of Unlearned Parents

My child is three and he hates to sleep.  That is the end of it.  He doesn’t hate another child or person because they are of another color.  He doesn’t understand any of that and doesn’t even ask why someone is a different color.  He just plays with them like he does with a child that is any other color.

It is parents, such as those of the republican christian group known as the KKK or the hate taught by the Christian nation of German Nazi’s towards the Jews.  Children are not born with this hate just as they are not born with a specific God they instinctively follow or believe in.

The hate comes in when the parents teach the child to believe in nonsense and to follow their own ignorance.  In fact, I have come to believe that it is the teachings of superstitions like Christianity and Islam that our children find the various forms of hate to be acceptable.  The intolerance for women, gays, or anyone that doesn’t follow that specific religious teaching.

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