Fred Phelps Dies, I Laugh

Actually, I wouldn’t laugh but I do believe that if he died it would be a blessing from one of the Gods that we rid our world of such a person.  It is too bad that he and his family managed to brainwash children, (Every child raised to believe in a God is brainwashed).  Now they are likely stuck with the scars of hate and intolerance their religious version of the Christian God teaches.

Funny how there are so many denominations of the Christian Republican religion alone and each of them think they have the truth.  Guess what?  They can’t all be true. FACT, none of them are and I promise you can’t prove they are.  Go ahead, try


2 responses to this post.

  1. I say we should all pray that Fred Phelps and the adult members of his family are blessed with death so they can go be with their friend God. OK, everyone pray for this.

  2. Phelps and Robertson disappearing into rapture at the same time could only be a blessing. At that point, I would reconsider my God-views.😀

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