Mitt Romney “Garden of Eden is in Jackson County Missouri?”

Christian God makes a rule that “thou shalt not kill” and then he tells people to kill others if they do not follow his rules.   Yes, the God of the Republican parties belief system is much like a republican.  Tell everyone what not to do but do it themselves.  Claims to be moral while being profoundly immoral.  I love you but promise to torture you with fire for eternity if you do not do as I tell you to do.  Why is it we keep electing people with such delusions?

Apparently, some extra cultish religions believe there was actually a Garden of Eden.  Yeah, like all their other claims, they can’t prove any of them with a shred of evidence.  But hey, they like to think they have facts when they don’t.  Those are the most dangerous people to have in government.

Fact: Mormons like Christian Republican Mitt Romney actually believe in Mormon Magic Underwear.  They believe this underwear they can buy at their church can save their lives from a bullet or a car crashing into them.  Yes, this is true.

How in the hell can anyone be thinking of giving such a delusional person ultimate power over America?  He is more scary than George Bush and Sarah Palin wrapped into a single person.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by rte on August 19, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant
    Mitt can never separate religion form politics
    President the priest is middle east age like.

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