Catholic Church: Hungry For Your Children (Video)

FACT: The Catholic Church has a history of molesting children.  One might be able to ignore such horror if it was something that happened only in the dark ages and then the problem was corrected.  What is unforgivable is the FACT that it still happens, to this very day.  What makes it more horrible is that followers and supporters (Christians) of the Catholic Church continue to give money to the church.

This money is used for many things to include paying for defense of child molesting priest, paying the salaries of molesting priest, paying off victims of the church so they can avoid additional legal/criminal charges for molesting children and paying the huge salary of the leaders of these priest that have made it possible for them to get away with these disgusting crimes against children.

How can anyone call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ while giving money to an establishment paying child sexual predators?

Jesus is watching you and knows if you giving money that helps an organization that sexually preys on his little children.

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