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Christian Republicans, Are They All Racist?

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry opposed a campaign to remove the Confederate battle flag from statehouses across the South and hosted family and friends at a West Texas hunting camp that once read “Niggerhead” on its entrance gate. Yesterday Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) defended Rick Perry – “Rick Perry is not a racist,” Graham said, saying the Texas governor is the victim of an “intimidation” campaign. “You know if you’re a southern white guy, it is part of your life,”

Why are White Christian Republicans so afraid of anyone that isn’t White, Republican or Christian?  I guess when you are ignorant enough to believe in the magic rapist in the sky, you are dumb enough to think you are superior to others.  And why is it that even the poor white christian republicans are praising the republican party as that same party destroys their life?  It could only be the complete ignorance of these people.