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Gay Marriage An Abomination

I would say that if God is against Gay Marriage, then let him do something about it.  Pretty simple.  Unless, …unless God isn’t real or he doesn’t actually give a shit if men marry men.  Hell, his son lived with 12 men…what’s up with that?

It’s more loving to try and stop people from getting married?  Because they are gay?

Lady, you have NOT a single shred of evidence to demonstrate anything about your belief system is based in reality or based on fact.  Your belief is what we call superstition and we call that a lie.  Yes, what you do is hate and judge.  Let your God take care of it.

Apparently, your God wants gays to be married because scripture is clear that God appoints a time for every matter and every event.  Those are his words and that would clearly and obviously demonstrate that your God approved the very time that gays get married.

Religious hate and ignorance.

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