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Female Orgasm Violation Of Our Religious Liberty

The Christian religion, like many religions, have a history anti-freedom activities.  Notice how often it is middle aged men, often Christian Republicans that want to take away individual freedoms to choose?  Women should stay in the home, cooking and raising the kids and of course obey the men.  What else would we expect from a good christian woman?

Now Christian Republicans want to tell women what they can feel about or do with their bodies and decide to have a hearing to vote on the matter.  Women need not attend because Christian Republicans are best at handing out freedoms when it is most appropriate and approved of by God.  So many Christian Republicans speak of freedom and yet they support a political and religious group that is completely against American Freedom.  How can the followers be so ignorant to buy into the Fox News bull shit?

Now don’t any of you go out there and think you can marry someone of the same sex.  God would just shit a brick if that happened, even though Jesus slept with 12 different men and apparently a young boy (see secret gospel of mark)